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It does everything a DVD does. Only Greener.

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Going green isn’t just a fad. It sometimes seems that way because just about everyone and their grandmother sells “green” products these days. However, the green movement isn’t going away, and there’s a good reason for that. There are companies and products out there working together to make the world a better place. Duplium and EcoDisc is just such a pair.

At Duplium we believe in corporate responsibility to the environment. When it comes to our products and processes we evaluate and improve the impact of all the materials we use. As a company, we encourage our employees, customers and suppliers to be environmentally aware and responsible. We put every effort into recycling, minimizing waste and using energy resources efficiently. So it’s only natural that we are the exclusive licensed manufacturer of EcoDisc in North America.

So what makes the EcoDisc so different? Well to start, it’s made up of 50% less polycarbonate, which in plain English means it uses one layer of plastic instead of two. Cutting the amount of raw material in half also means that manufacturing the EcoDisc takes 50% less energy to produce. This also effectively cuts the CO2 emission by 52%. And because it’s thinner, it reduces transport volume, which conserves fuel. When it reaches the end of it’s cycle, the EcoDisc is 100% recyclable. There’s your proof.

About now you might be wondering what EcoDisc can be used for? Is it more limited than a standard DVD? The answer to that is simple: no. EcoDisc can do everything a DVD5 can. It has been successfully used by large consumer goods manufacturers, governments, and publishers of educational materials, promotional content and entertainment. An added benefit is that because of its flexibility, EcoDisc is preferred by many magazine and newspaper publishers. It’s more durable than standard DVDs and due to its light weight and flexibility they are more cost effective for direct mail campaigns.

And if you think that’s all well and good, but you’re worried that it won’t be compatible in all DVD players, that’s not an issue either. EcoDisc has been tested by Testronic Labs on over 450 players and drivers and it has proven reliable.

So really, what’s not to love? EcoDisc is an environmentally friendly alternative that does everything a DVD does.

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