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We care about our footprint as much as you do. Have a look at our EcoDisc, environmentally friendly shrink-wrap & Eco-Lite DVD Case options.

EcoDisc, Eco-Lite DVD Case, and Environmentally Friendly Shrink-Wrap

We’re all trying to do better and do our part to help our planet. Sometimes it’s the small things like choosing to use less water, recycling, or carpooling, that make a big difference.  When it comes to manufacturing, we not only have smart, environmentally conscious choices for CD and DVD replication, but we are also proud to operate in a facility containing a large 500kW rooftop solar array that generates hours of clean, renewable energy and is fed directly back into our building to support our manufacturing.

We’re proud to have the EcoDisc, environmentally friendly shrink-wrap, and the Eco-Lite DVD case as part of our green product line. The Eco-Lite DVD case is significantly lighter and uses 30% less manufacturing energy while the EcoDisc is nothing short of revolutionary.

The EcoDisc can be produced with 52% less C02 emissions, 50% less energy consumption, 50% less polycarbonate, and absolutely no toxic bonder. It’s a substantial reduction in environmental impact without any of the tradeoffs. We’ve written about the EcoDisc on our blog, read about it here or request your EcoDisc sample now using the form to the right.

Our environmentally friendly shrink-wrap is made using 25% less plastic and utilizes Thin Gauge High Performance technology that makes it just as strong as other shrink-wraps that use more material.  Furthermore, because of its thinner composition, 30% less core material is needed to hold the shrink-wrap on spools. It is also manufactured to contain high BTU fuel content, making the material an efficient source for waste-to-energy facilities.

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